Why do you wear diving shoes?
Diving emphasizes on easy put on and take off and water seepage prevention, uses super elastic waterproof and warm fabric (neoprene) on the upper, uses blind stitching method to reduce water seepage and increase the degree of warmth. The heel design allows the shoe to be secured to the flipper without falling off.

Why do you wear river tracing shoes?
River tracing focus on light and non-slip, the lightweight upper is made of lightweight rubber foam (neoprene) and the professional felt sole is designed to prevent slippage and increase personal safety.

Why do you wear fishing shoes?
Fishing focuses on comfort and antiskid, the rubber foam light weight upper (neoprene) and blind stitching method are used to reduce water seepage and increase the warmth of the shoe. Professional felted soles are made to wear out and stop slipping for safety.

Why do you wear beach shoes?
Beach shoes focuses on light, airy and drains well, breathable mesh fabric used on the upper for breathable drainage and lightweight rubber sole is used for easy movement to avoid shell cuts.

Does felt sole need stainless steel nails?
Technically, creek trails and streamside activities use unstapled felt soles for the friction is enough for normal river activities. As for beach shore and rock fishing, you must add nails to increase the grip in addition to abrasion resistance.

Why do you wear surfing shoes while surfing?
Surfing is all about lightness. The upper is made of mesh fabric with rubber foam, and the sole is made of a thin, abrasion-resistant, non-slip rubber sole to avoid shell cuts.

Dog shoes? Why do dogs need shoes?
In some special area and terrain (snowy/alpine/cold), dogs must wear shoe covers to protect their limbs.

Why do you wear waders?
Waders are water proof; waders are made of different materials for different occasions, which can keep you dry while fishing or working, and also provide protection.